Interview with John Boyce

You've taken part in The Race before, however unfortunately you suffered a bike malfunction. Has this increased your determintation to complete The Race 2016?

John Boyce

It has for sure, when you stand on the start line you are nervous. You just don't know how the body is going to react so you prepare as best you can. But you don't consider the bike breaking down. You live and you learn. Not finishing The Race was hard, I felt horrible for weeks after. I didn't want to talk to people about it. This time, I just want to finish.

You mentioned you were hoping to improve your speed throughout The Race 2016, which section do you think this will effect most?

I trained on my own for The Race last year and only did 2 adventure races, I found that I had one pace that I could go on but I would like to add some speed into my cycling especially. This will help on the flatter sections- not that there are many. Also training with others helps push the pace, it's nice to have something in reserve. So I hope it will most effect the first cycle section.


How do you manage your nutrition while training? Have you any favourite hi energy or recovery meals? 

This is something I am bad at. I make my own flapjacks now which definitely help, especially on long runs on the bike. I take porridge and bananas for breakfast which works well for me. I like quinoa and all green veg- and an omelette as a recovery meal is hard to beat.  

You just don't know how the body is going to react, so you prepare as best you can.

Given that you've taken part in The Race before, is there any section you are particularly looking forward to or dreading ?

I'm not sure if you look forward to any of them, or dread them. The weather plays a massive part. If you're not prepared for it, it will drain you. I think I look forward to the kayak stage the most, it'll be nice to rest the legs before getting on the bike. Lough Salt, especially if its windy.