Finding a Location for The Race

We live in an island of six and half million people. We have two indigenous sports and a host of other field, track and course sports which vie for popularity amongst this small populace. There is a myriad of sporting distraction for those so inclined far more accessible and less daunting than endurance events. Despite this the Irish have defied the odds and have made an impact worldwide in ultra endurance events that belies our size. We have not just completed, but have competed from African deserts to Arctic ice fields. We have raced against and often raced faster than the world’s best. In testing our limits we have found them to be far beyond what we may have expected. The Irish may not be the fastest, but if you make the race long enough and if you make the course tough enough then we will invariably be there fighting at the end.

In spite of this we have a dearth of ultra-endurance events taking place on our own shores. We are inundated with events which provide a limited test but are very short on events that test our limits. For too long we have travelled the globe to take on the toughest. We wanted to bring the toughest to Ireland. To do this we would have to design a course that not only could stand toe to toe with the world’s most difficult but would also be distinctly Irish. A course that would combine the island’s beauty with it’s ferocity. We believed that we could find a world-class course within Ireland. We believe that The Race: Donegal 2014 is just that.