Interview with John Boyce

You've taken part in The Race before, however unfortunately you suffered a bike malfunction. Has this increased your determintation to complete The Race 2016?

John Boyce

It has for sure, when you stand on the start line you are nervous. You just don't know how the body is going to react so you prepare as best you can. But you don't consider the bike breaking down. You live and you learn. Not finishing The Race was hard, I felt horrible for weeks after. I didn't want to talk to people about it. This time, I just want to finish.

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Interview with Paul Tierney

What differences do you notice in training for The Race as opposed to a Marathon?

Paul TierneyMarathons and me have never actually gotten on! I've done a few just to tick the box or to run them with friends but my GoTri Adventure clubmates can testify to how my eyes glaze over at the mention of road marathons. I've full respect for people who do them but I definitely struggle with them. If someone mentions a mountain ultra marathon in the middle of winter at night time... I'd be straight in for that!

I do fairly long runs as part of my training but they tend to be on mixed terrain. In terms of training for The Race when I competed the first time my training was different from my normal training in that it was a bit lower on intensity and just longer. I had thought that I'd be holding back all through the race so I'd last to the finish so that's how I trained, somewhere around the low to mid 80s for percentage effort. However when I lined up on the start line and the whistle went all that went out the window... I started racing! And to my surprise I was able to keep a stronger pace up than I expected for longer than I expected.

Where I fell down was not keeping the fuel flowing in due to frozen hands and flavour fatigue. So for this year I'm planning on training to a slightly higher intensity, closer to my normal training for adventure racing, and hopefully I can improve on my time from 2014... and I'll be getting some better gloves!

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Race Report 2015

 010PDAt 6am on the 7th of March 2015 67 competitors set out for the second running of The Race. 250 Kilometres and 24 hours later 41 competitors had completed the course.

Diane Beehan and Sean McFadden became the first Irish competitors to win The Race, finishing in 18:43:57 and 15:05:30 respectively. Several hours later our final finishers crossed the line after 23:58:58 with only 1 minute and 2 seconds of time remaining. These times and numbers, however, tell only a fraction of the story.

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Thank You


Thanks to all the amazing volunteers at The Race 2015.

We would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who gave up their time to help at The Race. The energy, enthusiasm and expertise they brought to the event was extraordinary. Without this commitment The Race would simply not have been possible.

Below are some of the organisations that were integral to the success of the event. On behalf of The Race and our charity partner Gorta - Self Help Africa we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

1. Gartan Outdoor Education & Training Centre
2. Civil Defence
3. Irish Red Cross
4. An Garda Síochána
6. Rathmullan Cycling Club
7. Rathmullan Sailing Club
8. Errigal Cycling Club
9. Glenveagh National Park 
10. White Harte Bar, Rathmullan 
11. TGC Bar, Doochary 
12. North West Volunteering 
13. Extreme North 
14. Whoriskey's Filling Station, Ramelton
15. Letterkenny Triathalon Club
16. Rathmullan Resource Centre 

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