Launching The Race 2015

racefpI have been fortunate to have taken part in a number of man powered expeditions and endurance races over the last number of years. One the most rewarding parts of these expeditions has been the memories earned through undergoing hardship. Those handful of occasions when you felt like you had nothing else to give. When the heat, the cold or the wind seemed to have won. When your body cried out to stop but you continued on. These are the moments that you end up remembering years after they are done.  

After completing my last expedition I returned home with the view to setting up an endurance race that would mirror the mental and physical struggle experienced during an expedition. Along with Maghnus Collins and Gartan Adventure Centre we set out to create an event that would challenge competitors to the point where they felt that they had nothing left to give.

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The Race 2014

Canadian athlete Bill Wells at the finishing line. He completed the course in an astonishing 15 hours and 22 minutes. Ireland's Sean Mcfadden and Michael McCarron were only minutes behind. Christina Mackenzie was the first placed female,completing the course in 18 hours and 37 minutes. In total 54 competitors began The Race 2014 with 38 finishing. Congratulations to all who took part. 


Registration Closed

RACE-FB-reg-closed-noticeRegistration is now closed. Congratulations to all competitors who have signed up. The talent and variety of experience throughout the field is remarkable and is sure to result in a truly fascinating contest.

Elevation Profile

Rolling hills thoughout with a big climb in the middle. Check out the elevation profile for The Race 2014.