Race 2018: Winners

Huge congrats to our winners this year! 
Men's winners:
1 Martin Lynch (11)
  13h 32m 26s
2 Pearse West (79)
  15h 28m 50s
3 Derek Brannigan (84)
  15h 57m 47s
Women's winners:
1 Julie McMullin (16)
  18h 21m 06s
2 Sinead Foley (77)
  19h 51m 21s
3 Julie McNamee (33)
  20h 27m 41s
Team winners:
1 No 1 Fitness (108)
  13h 19m 39s
2 Secret Trainers (106)
  13h 47m 16s
3 Tapering since Christmas (103)
  13h 57m 16s

Race 2018: Rescheduled April 13th-15th

We are very happy to annouce that The Race 2018 will now take place on the weekend of the 13th-15th April. Thanks for all the support from our competitors, suppliers and volunteers for allowing us to confirm this rescheduled date just six weeks after original date. 
Countdown to the event starts now. 

Female Competitors 2017

2017 will be the first year we have more than 10 female competitors taking on The Race. We caught up with two competitors Sharon Black and Rachel Nolan to get their thoughts ahead of the event.


Sharon Black


1.You first heard about The Race in 2014 and thought it sounded mental and questioned how people could complete it. 3 years down the line and you're a competitor. What do you think is the biggest reason for your mindset change ?

Yes that's exactly correct! I remember thinking it was a huge ask of your body to complete this race distance in 24 hours. However,  having spoken to a few of the competitors after the first year I started to believe that anything is possible when you break it all down and remain headstrong. I have wanted to do it since but other things just got in the way so when the second round for 2017 opened in early April 2016 I bit the bullet and applied. I like a good challenge and this event certainly ticks all the boxes...

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Race Advice from Past Competitors

We asked our previous Race competitors what the biggest piece of advice would be to anyone daring to attempt The Race. Have a read of what competitors thought of the course, the conditions, diciplines and the atmosphere.

It's then up to you to decide if you're up for the challenge. Enjoy!

Rachel Nolan's Top 5 tips

 1. Get up there & test out the course to estimate times & become friends with the hills of Donegal. 

 2. Have a plan for transitions, fast clothes change if really needed & eat on the move. Especially on the bike.

 3. Don't be too hard on yourself & play your own game. Anything can happen.

 4. Visualise finishing each section & the feeling of crossing the finish line.

 5. Have fun, you decided to sign up. Donegal is spectacular for the scenery with fantastic friendly people and The Race offers the opportunity to soak this up. It's a great holiday weekend with likeminded people, enjoy making new top class buddies.

Lonan O'Farrell

Race your race, eat well at transitions but don't hang around long, enjoy every minute knowing you are one of a small number of people able to be in this position.

Graham Macken:

It's a hellish day, just prepare for that and get on with it. 24hrs is generally plenty of time to finish it, but just keep going and take in the sights!!

Victor Young:

Do a few race trips to the course, plan and practice your nutrition, enjoy the experience. It's a fantastic day and I recommend you bring supporters with you to lift you at different stages.

David Sheehy

Prepare for every eventuality in your head. It's hard to make rational decisions out on the course when you are mentally drained. Practice transitions and taking different foods in training. Know you can finish it.

Sinead Keogh

Treat transitions like they are stages of the race. Be prepared going into them, get in and get out quickly and don't get comfortable, it will only prolong the inevitable. Oh and enjoy the scenery.

John MacCormack

The first bike stage can be brutal if the wind blows, just keep going, the less time spent in the dark of the second bike stage the better, so don't mess around in transition. 

Ruaidhri Stewart

Don't panic. No matter what it throws at you stick to your plan.

Keith McGarvey

Nice and steady throughout! Don't go too hard on the first run. Get yourself a seat backrest for the kayak. Keep yourself fueled with real food and don't spend too long in the transitions. Good lights are essential. Be prepared for the worst and train in the worst conditions you can.

Gerrit Durnin

Cycle, cycle and cycle. Making the transitions is really dependant on both bike legs. The running and Muckish will look after themselves.

Dave Gowan

Check list stuck to the lid of your transition box to make sure you don't forget anything! It's all about the bike. Some flat coke in the later boxes will do wonders. Remember three words, relentless, forward, progress.

Arthur McMahon

As Mike Tyson said, everyone has a plan until they get a punch in the face! There will be punches in the face but for many, finishing this will be their finest hour. Look forward to that, you can do it!

Kate Kelly

Put plenty of spare clothes in every transition box. A really good waterproof jacket, savoury food especially at Muckish is a good idea. Beg, borrow or steal good torches for the second bike and the final run. 

Luke Daly

Use the food you use during training and do not change on, or near race day. Do not underestimate Muckish!

Oisin Weldon

It's a bike race..two thirds of the distance is on two wheels. Everything else is irrelevant if you can't bike like a beast. In training..bike, bike and bike some more. And do not take it too seriously, what's the worst that can happen!!

Damian Rogers

Don't underestimate the kayak section. Keep moving forward and soak up the support, scenery & fuel as you trained.