Race Report 2015

 010PDAt 6am on the 7th of March 2015 67 competitors set out for the second running of The Race. 250 Kilometres and 24 hours later 41 competitors had completed the course.

Diane Beehan and Sean McFadden became the first Irish competitors to win The Race, finishing in 18:43:57 and 15:05:30 respectively. Several hours later our final finishers crossed the line after 23:58:58 with only 1 minute and 2 seconds of time remaining. These times and numbers, however, tell only a fraction of the story.

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Thank You


Thanks to all the amazing volunteers at The Race 2015.

We would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who gave up their time to help at The Race. The energy, enthusiasm and expertise they brought to the event was extraordinary. Without this commitment The Race would simply not have been possible.

Below are some of the organisations that were integral to the success of the event. On behalf of The Race and our charity partner Gorta - Self Help Africa we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

1. Gartan Outdoor Education & Training Centre
2. Civil Defence
3. Irish Red Cross
4. An Garda Síochána
6. Rathmullan Cycling Club
7. Rathmullan Sailing Club
8. Errigal Cycling Club
9. Glenveagh National Park 
10. White Harte Bar, Rathmullan 
11. TGC Bar, Doochary 
12. North West Volunteering 
13. Extreme North 
14. Whoriskey's Filling Station, Ramelton
15. Letterkenny Triathalon Club
16. Rathmullan Resource Centre 

Interview with Ken Healy

You mentioned that your longest cycle prior to signing up was 40km. The Race must have been a bit of a jump into the unknown for you, why did you decide to compete?

KENHEALY1I entered my first multisport race about 4 years ago and loved it.Id been doing martial arts for the previous 30 years so it was a huge change.I trained hard for a few races but discovered I didn't need to really train that hard to compete in them. The best I got was 2nd place in one and I took my foot off the pedal after that.

When I heard of the race last year I knew that this was what I was waiting for,going from 5hrs racing to 24hrs and having 6 months to do this (and a newborn baby lol)I knew would be a massive challenge. When I was competing in judo tournaments you could train and fight perfect but your opponent could be just better then you on the day and you could lose,with a race of this size if YOU can't finish,if YOU give up,there is no one to blame but yourself and I couldn't resist this.

The furthest Id run was 12 miles and cycled 40 km so I knew I had to be ruthless with my training.I approached this with a simple plan....I'd do two to three 1hr sessions between running and biking during the week, take a rest day,then run or cycle as far as I could go and take another rest day,the following week I'd just make sure I ran or cycled further then the previous week. Whenever I knew the weather was going to be bad I'd make sure I'd be training in it.

My last running session I ran 30miles and my last cycle session was 170km so the training alone for this race has completely changed me.

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Diarmuid's treadmill charity marathon

IMG 6821

This week we received a great story from Diarmuid O'Conchubhair who ran a marathon in his local gym, NRG Bohermore in Galway as a means of raising awareness and funds for our charity partner Gorta - Self Help Africa

His aim was to organise a fundraising event that was a bit different, the gym helped out by offering to give anyone who supported Diamuid free entry for the day. About 50 people came to support him as he ran a 4 hour marathon. 

With a little over two weeks to go until The Race, Diarmuid commented "it was one of the easier marathons i've run. My coach John Greaney has me in great shape for The Race and at this point the hard work is almost done"

The Race is a not for profit event with all proceeds going towards the work of Gorta - Self Help Africa. We would like to thank all competitors taking part in 2015 for the massive contribution they have made towards the work of our charity partner.