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Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I've completed many multisport endurance events. Back in 2014 a work colleague and I read about TheRace online and both of us knew we had to try it. This event offers something different, it pushes endurance limits, weather plays a major role and the course tackles many aspects of the Irish terrain. 


Prior to doing TheRace 2015 I’d slogged my way around many running and multisport endurance events up to ironman. TheRace 2015 was a baptism of fire for me, during which I was in quite a lot of pain and hurt everywhere. But I loved every minute of it. For TheRace 2016 I increased my training, fixed a few gear mistakes, I still suffered though but had a much better race. I must say I'm looking forward now to March and TheRace 2017.
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