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Colm McNally 2020


Colm McNally



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I've been completing adventure races the past 3 years comming from a gaa and crossfit background and think this is the ultimate test of them all. Physically I think I'll be capable but mentally is where I want to see where I am. I've competed against some great athletes who have failed this race so I think this is the race to find out what your made of..


Longford half marathon
Longford full marathon
Quest killarney 2016
Killary gaelforce mountain run 2017/18/19
Killary gaelforce sprint 2018/19
Killary gaelforce dublin 2018/19
Quest achill 2017/18/19
Killary gaelforce West 2019
Lillyput legend adventure race 2018/2019
(all races were expert routes)
A good few local sportive cycles
48hr autism fundraiser climbing Croghan Hill 40 times (equivalent to Mt everest 9000 meters)
Crossfit fitness celtic cup runner up 2019


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