Denis Bowen

Denis Bowen 2020


Denis Bowen



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

"Got into adventure racing and trail running in general in 2016.

Since then I love the feeling of competing against myself really and exploring my mental resolve.

Everybody to date I have met in trail running and adventure racing are always extremely positive and uplifting, I have met some great people since joining this world and hope to continue to meet cool people and see beautiful places."


- DAR full 17,18
- All the quest expert races 17,18
- Quest 24 last year
-MMRA Ballyhoura marathon 2018
-Various half and full trail runs - kknockmeeldowns
-High Peeks Challenge 2018 in a quick time
-Trail running in Chamonix alps
-Rebel tour cycling and various 200k+ training cycles for quest 24 training


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