Kevin Kelly

kevin kellyName: Kevin Kelly

Nationality: British


As somebody that likes to keep fit and live a relatively healthy lifestyle i like to run and cycle but also enjoy strength and conditioning exercises, my normal morning consists of waking at 0430, coffee ,run, gym, cycle, run and then to work this routine allows me to engage all my interests in a few hours before work. 
mtb is my favoured discipline of cycling i enjoy the most  and having recently returned from my biggest adventure yet; an off-road mtb lands end to john o groats solo unsupported trip, i found myself searching for something similar but in a different country.  a number of ideas had crossed my mind, biking from the atlantic to the mediterranean, the santiago de compestela, maybe doing london to various european cities; all of these were to be off road mtb trips and something which would test my fitness level as well as give me maximum pleasure for the surroundings i would encounter.  
However whilst researching and planning the next 'project' it was brought to my attention by a family member that in the village where my father is from there were plans underway to hold The Race. having looked into the event my intial feelings were along the lines of ....what the ???, but the next day i couldn't get it out of my head , and then i came across a magazine which showed all the disciplines involved in the event that would give me a good taste of what to expect, so i decided to register.
Various organised off road cycling sportive's in the south east of england, dublin to donegal off road cycle solo unsupported,, london to manchester cycle ride,, lands end to john o groats off road cycle ride.  



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