Patrick Utz

Patrick UtzName: Patrick Utz

Nationality: Swiss

Background / Experience

No, it‘s not an ongoing midlife crisis. It‘s this inner drive to reach outstanding achievements with my body and my mind. For too many years I was a couch potato and a bad example for my kids. Life is too short to see others doing things you‘d like to do. Starting to run in 2006 - I didn‘t survive 30 minutes - I was doing some 8K, 10K, half-marathon, half-Ironman, longdistance duathlon and marathon. Last year I have decided to turn off the asphalt road to fight my innerweak during longer and more adventurous races. I have just finished the North Pole Marathon and in August 250km we will cross Iceland with Racing The Planet. In 2014 The Race in Ireland will be the first challenge, followed by a Triathlon over the Ironman distance and again 250km, this time across Madagascar. The goal for 2015 will be a qualification for Ö-till-Ö. And then? Just ask me after the finish line. That‘s what it is about, not? Shifting your limits.

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