Emma Bamford

emmabamfordName: Emma Bamford

Nationality: British

  1. Background (reasons for entering The Race)

    I have always been active, swimming competitively as a child and made the natural progression into triathlon, where I found out I was not a very good runner and like everything you are not good at I tried to avoid doing it more than I had to. My first marathon was a way of forcing myself to run and run a lot, it was an extremely slow first attempt but I learnt to love running and realised I hated running fast but running far I enjoyed. With parents make Ultra marathons/Ironmans and cycling from Geneva to Nice seem like the normal so challenging myself physically and mentally is in my blood. 
    The Race will provide my biggest challenge to date. All I want to do is complete. I am nervous, nauseous and excited about the prospect and the commitment needed, as the road to getting there starts now and there definitely will be numerous highs and lows before we even reach the start line.       



In the last 3 years completed the Himalayan 100, Roth Ironman, numerous marathons (on and off road), 10km swim, numerous sprint and Olympic triathlons and the Celtman extreme triathlon


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