Michael Quinn

michealquinnName: Michael Quinn

Nationality: Irish

Background (Reasons for entering The Race
I've always been active in sport and have always enjoyed pushing myself physically.  I took up running a few years ago after I stopped playing team sports and have completed a number of marathons, half marathons, adventure races and triathlons.  I've been looking for a new challenge and in particular something to keep me motivated over the winter.  I think training for 260km over 24 hrs should do it!!
I see this as a completely different challenge to anything I've done before in terms of the training and planning required but that's part of the appeal. I'm under no illusion as to how big a challenge this will be for me but think I will have the mental and physical capabilities to complete it. Its also great to couple an event such as this with raising money for a worthwhile charity like Self Help Africa.
Have completed a number of 10km, half marathons, marathons and triathlons.

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