David Egan

davideganName: David Egan

Nationality: Irish

Background (Reasons for entering The Race)

I've completed a good few of the famous standard adventure races here in Ireland.  They are brilliant and keep temtping me back, yet they never seem long enough....And THEN this!  Having heard about the raceI thought no way no way.  But over the course of a few days I kept drifting back to the idea, for me the craziness of it most of all.  In the end the only thing I figured regretting was not trying. I truly have no idea whether or not I can complete it....however DNF just does not sit well with me.

I wish all competiors and organisers well in their efforts in
organising and training for the hills and trails of Donegal


10 plus adventure races, 4 half marathons, Too many long distance cycles to mention

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