Kieran Keating

kieranName: Kieran Keating

Nationality: Irish

Background (Reasons for entering The Race)
My background is as a corner back, for Naomh Eoin (An Clar) from c. 1987-date. Well, I was wing back for a lot of that, until I 'lost a yard of pace' (a yard being quite a big area in West Clare)
My sister sent me details when our mutual friend Dave Beary entered The Race. When I next met her on a social occasion I half-mentioned that I wouldn't mind giving it a go, to which she kind-of scoffed and said "Oh, Kieran, I think its a bit late for you...." or words to that effect! Sounded like a challenge to me anyway. My good wife also failed to talk me out of it....... "What about the Parish League in January?", she said, "Won't it be all speed-work you'll be concentrating on for that?!" ....... or maybe it was "What about the leaves in the garden, wouldn't it be better if you spent your time gathering them?" ........something like that anyway - but I'm focussing on the positives and banishing all of that negativity!
Dublin Marathon 2003 followed by recent Sixmilebridge Marathon 2013 - somewhere in between, I seem to have lost ten years - and twenty minutes. No duathlons, triathlons (awful swimmer), kayaking or any of that craic - was hoping to do an adventure race or two this year but didn't get there so The Race will be the first. 
Glad to see the first part is downhill - hey, I might even enjoy it (up until the Kayak stage anyway) if its dry, calm and not too cold.

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