Ian Walsh



Ian Walsh



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I love extreme endurance, I started doing adventure races when I was living in New Zealand in 2002 and became hooked. Upon my return I regularly went on adventure challenges until I fractured my spine in 2005. For 6 years I was unable to do a lot As I burst two discs and to wait to let them settle. It is only the last few years I have Been able to compete again. I have been in a job that on occasion I have had to stay up for several days in a row and have been become skilled in coping without sleep and pushing myself mentally as well as physically and I would love to have the opportunity to enter this race


I have completed a number of adventure races, I completed the coast to coast In New Zealand in 2002 as well as smaller adventure races over there. I have completed Gael force west. I cycled from Dublin to Tuscany in Italy in two weeks. I have completed a whitewater kayaking course in Murchison New Zealand in 2002and paddled the non tidal Thames with two friends over a weekend. I have completed a good few half marathons, cycling sportifes, such as the Wicklow 200 a number of times, the Sean Kelly cycle in waterford. I have done 3 half marathons on the road and numerous trail runs with the mountain running events. I have never completed a triathlon as my swimming has never been strong enough for the full distance. In the winter of 2012/13 I spent 6 months working in Alta Norway as a dog handler for a dog sledding business which certainly helped my endurance levels and mental strength.



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