Arthur McMahon



Arthur McMahon



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

It gradually dawned on me over the last few years in local adventure races that I can't keep up! I was wondering what to do about it last year when I
found out about The Race. I knew I couldn't go fast so I decided to see if I could go long. It was way past my understanding of endurance but I was curious. I really enjoyed the training, especially the bike and kayak but I really hated the running. I think if you spend 25 years on the rugby pitch, with numbers 8 or smaller on your back, running is just alien. Managed to get through The Race 2014 in around 22.5hours and it was transformational. Now I know I can do anything, just not very quickly!


After a long time playing rugby I decided to "rest" for a few years on the sofa. The penny finally dropped and I did a few local adventure races starting in 2012. As it turns out, that was all just build up to The Race last year. Now I've got all the gear and I'd love to go just a minute faster than last year but I'd settle for just getting round.



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