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Daniel Cottell



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I have played football all my life, missed a couple of seasons whilst out of the country but apart from that have played every year since the age of 7, I'm 34 now and still playing (trying). Got interested in running in 2007/2008 and started to run some short distances in events. Quickly progressed to half and full marathon distance clocking up over 10 of each during the last few years amongst other distances and race types. Got involved in cycling recently but already progressing well with limited event experience.

I've faced plenty of challenges in my life from sport to life itself and usually come out of them wanting something more challenging. I suppose The Race presented me with what sounded like the ultimate challenge and if I didn't take it on I'd feel like I was letting it beat me and I don't like being beaten so here I am. Working towards it, looking forward to it but always respecting it.


Full Marathons: Dublin Marathon 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014. Connemara Marathon 2011, 2014. Kildare 2011. Newry 2014. Florence 2011.

Half Marathons: Dublin 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014. Clontarf 2011, 2014 x 2. Doolin 2010. Balbriggan 2011. Dundalk 2011.

Multiple 5k – 12k road races, trail races and mountain races around Ireland. Sea to Summit Westport 2014 56k Adventure Race.

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