Paul Knapp



Paul Knapp



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I'm from London (not the UK.. it's a separate country in itself) but I've been in Eire for 15 years... I have always hated running (more a cyclist) and my training and racing has been sporadic to say the least. I work in an environment where no is not an option and I like the idea of pushing my mind and body to the limit, where giving in is just in not an option. My first real big day out so let's see how it goes .... whats the worst that can happen!!


Egg and spoon race, Cheam common junior school: 3rd place 1975, Dressing up race, Cheam common junior school: 2nd place 1976, 3 legged race, Cheam common junior school 1977: DNF... popped a hammy on the final bend (sorry Jason, still feel bad about that), 2003 NYC Marathon ... didnt win that either so resigned myself to be a participant and enjoy.


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