Hugh Hunter

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Hugh Hunter



Background (Reasons for attempting The Race)

I’m a massive fan of the outdoors, and I’m out in all kinds of weather, should it be cycling, running, kayaking, hill walk, or just training. I have been involved in organising The Mulroy Bay Adventure Races here in Donegal this past few years and enjoy taking part in the adventure race when I can. In 2015 I decided to take on the Race, 3 weeks before the race I tore my hamstring and thought that I wouldn't be able to take part, but I spent a lot of time in the sea and the pool nursing my injury. I decided that I would go to the start line and try to see how far I could get around the course. Well with the worst weather imaginable the kayak was cancelled, making the 1st run longer by 15km & picking up a blister after 20 minutes it didn't make it any easier. I managed to complete the course, but not inside the 24hours. Still, little training, nursing an injury the worst of March weather, a lot of encouragement from family, spectators and marshals and a lot more stubbornness I finished the Race 2015.Thickness & Stubbornness over Fitness. It was a day I learnt a lot about myself and my ability. The Race 2016 is a must for me, there’s unfinished business.


The Race 2015, some adventure races, running, hill walking, and a lot of kayaking, surfing, rock climbing. 



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