Interview with Abina Whelan

You mentioned that adventure races are a relatively new hobby for you, so what exactly is it about The Race that has attracted you?


I wanted to have an event over the winter period that I could train for. The long distance appealed to me as I have more of a diesel engine for longer events than a petrol engine for the shorter faster events. Even though I have never done a distance like this before I am feeling motivated and enthusiastic.

Nerves are a big part of The Race and a huge obstacle for some, to what extent do you think that your training in the Defence Forces will give you an advantage?

I'm hoping my training in the army will provide me with good discipline towards my training and that I can convert my nerves into adrenaline and focus on the challenges that the big day will bring.


How do you manage your nutrition while training? Have you any favourite hi energy or recovery meals? 

Nutrition is a hard one to get right. I like to drink my calories when training than eating them. I'm using High 5 as an energy drink while training and Kinetica Recovery after a tough session. I would be interested in any advise that others might have in relation to nutrition.  

I'm hoping my training in the army will provide me with good discipline





Given that this is the first time for you competing in The Race, is there any section you are particularly looking forward to or dreading?

I'm looking forward to the training and seeing myself getting stronger and fitter. The thought of cycling down hills on wet windy roads makes me nervous. The idea of crossing the finishing line in front of my family and friends will be a big motivational factor, however training for months and not crossing the line, for whatever reason, would be heart breaking.

My training is going very well so far I'm very lucky that my husband Koe is by my side and is there to help me with my training program. He is there to motivate me and also to give me a swift kick in the ass when needed.



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