250km, 24hrs — A course as challenging as it is spectacular.


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Competitors will arrive on the eve of the event to sleep on the shores of Gartan Lake, surrounded by the imposing wilderness of Glenveagh National Park. An hour before dawn, with the park still in a blanket of darkness, THE RACE will begin.

Immediately facing competitors is a pre-dawn half-marathon. The banks of Lough Swilly will mark the end of the 22km run and the beginning of the kayaking section. As the sun rises, competitors will do battle with the North-Atlantic tide, kayaking up the lough.

The next interchange is located as Lough Swilly nears the North-West tip of Ireland. Kayaks are swapped for bikes and the cycling section begins.

Beauty and pain go hand in hand as the gruelling course winds its way along 96km of ceaseless hills and spectacular coastline. Competitors’ limits will be tested as bikes are left at the foot of Muckish and they attempt to run or scramble their way up and down the peak.

Only the mentally strong will ignore screaming muscles to again mount their bikes, pedalling west and around Bloody Foreland for a final 70km of cycling. As shadows grow longer, the peaks of Glenveigh will funnel those still persisting towards their final obstacle—a marathon through the national park.

The blanket of darkness will once more descend as competitors battle to reach Gartan Lake and the end of Irelands toughest endurance event — in doing so they will have completed over 250 km, conquering THE RACE.




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